Terms and Conditions


NYU Hospitals Center and New York University School of Medicine (collectively referred to as “NYU LANGONE MEDICAL CENTER”) and the physician offices that participate in the NYU LANGONE MEDICAL CENTER Electronic Health Information System are pleased to offer you access to your medical information via a Web-based version of our computer systems called NYU Langone Health MyChart.

To request an account, read and complete this form, indicating you have read, understand and agree to these Terms & Conditions of Use and that you authorize the release of information via NYU Langone Health MyChart.

We think it is important for you to know how we handle information we communicate via the Internet. This Terms & Conditions statement outlines our practices and our sensitivity to your right to privacy. We reserve the right to revoke NYU Langone Health MyChart access at any time for any reason.

Authorization for Release of Information Via NYU Langone Health MyChart
I request that medical information regarding my care and treatment at a facility or practice within the NYU LANGONE MEDICAL CENTER community be released to me through online access to NYU Langone Health MyChart. I want this online access to facilitate more efficient treatment decision making and health related planning. This authorization will remain valid unless/until itis revoked.

I understand that this authorization may cover disclosure of information relating to ALCOHOL or DRUG ABUSE, GENETICTESTING, PSYCHIATRIC CARE and/or CONFIDENTIAL HIV RELATED INFORMATION.In the event the medical information described below includes any of these types of information, I specifically authorize release of such information via NYU Langone Health MyChart. I also understand that I have the right to cancel this release of information through NYU Langone Health MyChart at any time.
I understand that I have a right to request a list of people who may receive or use my HIV related information without authorization. If I experience discrimination because of the release or disclosure of HIV related information, I may contact the New York State Division of Human Rights at (212) 480-2493 or the New York City Commission of Human Rights at (212) 306-7450. These agencies are responsible for protecting my rights.

Response to Electronic Communication - NYU LANGONE MEDICAL Center will make its best effort to provide a timely response to electronic inquiries. In some cases, the staff that needs to respond to an electronic inquiry or other communication may not be immediately available so a patient should allow at least two (2) business days for a response. Emergency situations requiring immediate attention should not be submitted electronically.

We are only able to respond to patient communications based on the information provided by the patient. If there is insufficient information provided, we will be unable to provide accurate and reliable services.

Web Site Links - NYU Langone Health MyChart may offer links to related medical Websites not managed by NYU LANGONE MEDICAL CENTER. These Web site link(s) are for a patient's informational purposes only. NYU LANGONE MEDICAL CENTER does not endorse and has not verified the accuracy of the information in/on these Websites, and the patient should not rely on any of the information found on the Web sites for purposes of treatment or diagnosis.

E-mail Privacy - Patients who are users of NYU Langone Health MyChart should be aware that they will be notified via e-mail when there is new medical information to be viewed on NYU Langone Health MyChart. This means that any person with access to a patient's e-mail will be able to see this notification. This could include the patient's spouse, employer or anyone else that can access a patient's e-mail account. Although no private medical information will be sent, the notification that new medical information is available by accessing NYU Langone Health MyChart may be information that a patient would not want others to know. Thus, patients should take this into account when providing an e-mail address.

Please know that if you send us an e-mail communication, it may be shared with the NYU LANGONE MEDICAL CENTER staff that assists the physician in providing the patient's medical care. A patient's confidential medical information on NYU Langone Health MyChart will be accessible only to appropriate clinical staff.

Security and Confidentiality - We afford the same degree of confidentiality to medical information stored on NYU Langone Health MyChart as is given to medical information stored by NYU LANGONE MEDICAL CENTER facilities and practices in any other medium. NYU LANGONE MEDICAL CENTER is committed to protecting the confidentiality of your medical information. We limit NYULANGONE MEDICAL CENTER employees' access and ability to enter or view information based upon their role in your care. Firewalls, passwords, encryption, and audit trails are further used to safeguard your information. We shall identify the records released and note the time and date of access each time a patient accesses NYU Langone Health MyChart. We have taken steps to make all information received from our online visitors as secure as possible against unauthorized access and use.

For other than general information viewing, NYU Langone Health MyChart must be accessed with a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) compatible browser or terminal (Netscape or Internet Explorer versions 5.0 or greater).Our SSL web server uses authentication and offers the highest level of encryption technology commercially available (128-bit RC4).

You can tell when you are secure by looking at the location (URL) field. If the URL begins with https:// (instead of http://), the document comes from a secure server. This means your data cannot be read or deciphered by unauthorized individuals. You can tell whether you are truly connected to NYU LANGONE MEDICAL CENTER by viewing the digital certificate. This certificate verifies the connection between the NYU LANGONE MEDICAL CENTER server's public key and the server's identification.

As a NYU Langone Health MyChart user, your role in maintaining the security of your medical information is: 1) Changing your password on a regular basis, and 2) Keeping your login ID and password confidential.